Upcoming Events & Workshops

PEMS MasterMind Summit FREE Online Classes

We Would Love it if You Would Join Us.

I have gathered experts from all over the world to share their best tips and tricks to living fully with a healthy body mind. This quarter’s focus is support for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual HEART. You can be sure to find some amazing resources to support your heart too.

Check out the class schedule here

Some of the classes you will see are:

-Cannabis Themed Classes in Feb/March and our special edition CannaHealthTalk News in April
-Sex & Intimacy Themed Classes for February 
-How to Heal a broken Heart using plants & Gems – LIVE 24 HOUR REPLAY
-Heart Chakra Themed Classes 
-Flower Essence Themed Classes
-Color Therapy Classes
-Boundaries Built with Love
-Book Author Interviews
-Healing Fibromyalgia
-3 Ways to Heal Yourself & Live like a SuperWoman
-Massage + Cannabis Energy Medicine
-And so much more. 

Check out the Class Schedule Here


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