Winter 2017 Summit Schedule

Upcoming Winter 2017 PEMS HEART SUPPORT Classes & Workshops

What are your best tools for heart support for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual heart?

Check out below to find out more these amazing upcoming classes 


March Classes

 March 1st 7:30-9pm MST 
fibromyalgia-tender-points2. Healing Fibromyalgia with Cannabis Energy Medicine at 7:30pm MST with Jamie Lynn Thomas 
Do you know someone who suffers from fibromyalgia and is living in pain?
Then this is the webinar for you; Jamie Lynn Thomas will outline her 6-week health and wellness plan using Cannabis Energy Medicines and CannaEssence.
Make a difference in fibromyalgia pain in 6 weeks or less.

March 2nd 7:30-9pm MST 

1. Bach Flower Essences are Evolving = Quantum Essence at 7:30 pm MST with Jamie Lynn Thomas 

Bach flowers essences have been the foundation of flower essence therapies for the past 60 years and like all things the human bioelectric system is evolving. Humanities PEMS or physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems are changing and require a higher vibrational remedy than earlier generations. As we raise our vibrations, we need our remedies to do so as well.

In the past, we had to memorize imbalances and indications to properly use the essences and with the new quantum, Bach flowers all you have to do is choose the flower that you are most attracted to. Simplicity the way Bach intended.

Every medicine cabinet should have Bach flowers as part of their self-healing tools.


March 3rd  6-7:30 PM MST  
rainbow-superwoman1. 3 Ways to Heal Yourself & Live like a Superwoman at 6 pm MST with Jamie Lynn Thomas 

Learn the three most vitally powerful supportive strategies to help heal yourself and live like a superwoman with ease and grace.’

Jamie lynn had been 100% disabled 16 years ago. She was unable to walk without assistance and taking 50 prescribed medications. Now she runs 5 companies and is know by many as a superwoman; full of vitality, energy and lots of smiles.

Do you want to know her secrets too? Come join us for 60 minutes of life transformative resources.

There are 9 Keys to Superwoman success, and you will leave with tools to create action and changes in your system right now.

If you have been struggling with your vitality and happiness then now is the time to shift that vibration and elevate your personal vibration.



March 8th  6pm-7:30pm MST 

memullein-21. Boundaries Built With Love at 6pm MST with Amanda Stanley

Our heart is a miraculous organ. It has the ability to send and receive as well as process information, even before our brain can- it’s true. If we’re extra sensitive in the way that we perceive with our heart, we can often feel like a sponge. A sponge that absorbs all the energy around it from thoughts, experiences or traumas, whether they’re your own, or someone else’s. This can be a pretty challenging and exhausting way to live in the world. If you consider yourself an empath, this class is for you. If you have trouble using the word “No,” this class is for you. If you take on other people’s problems/issues as if they’re your own & your responsibility, this class is for you. And if you work with the public and come home day after day feeling drained, depleted and exhausted, even on a good day, this class is for you. Building & maintaining healthy boundaries for yourself & others is one of the best gifts you can offer yourself. During this live webinar, you’ll learn about the myriad of ways to clear unwanted energy & create sacred space for ourselves, our homes, our workplace and even our cars through herbs, crystals, breath, sound, intention & visualization. You’ll also learn how to effectively choose & work with flower essences, essential oils & whole herbs to create healthy boundaries in your life for work & play. I’ll offer my favorite recipes for liquid smudge, aromatic essence spritzers, protection elixirs, tub tea soaks and talismans. This class is really about self-care, self-prioritizing, and intention. Our minds, hearts & spirits are powerful things. And when we take the time to center them, tune into them, and manifest & affirm our daily lives with them, we create a space and set the stage for a safe, secure and light-filled path for ourselves, in all aspects of our journeys on this planet.


March 14th 6- 7:30 PM MST 

book-mock-small1. Cannabis Demystified Author Q & A at 6 pm MST with Jamie Lynn Thomas 

Cannabis can be confusing and a bit overwhelming nowadays. In this informative and engaging talk, Jamie Lynn Thomas author of Cannabis A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners will share her top three favorite uses of the cannabis plant spirit. Whether you are a practitioner or just interested in cannabis you will leave with a tool to support your PEMS or physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Bring your questions and get some recipes to start working with the Cannabis plant today.



March 27th 6-7:30Pm MST 
Use the power of the new moon to create a powerful ritual using cannabis energy medicine to heighten the experience