Speaker Information

Speaker Affiliate Kit

Please make sure to complete all these items. Omit videos if that is not part of your business plan.

Affiliate Speaker Goal: get exposure for your content, enlighten the market, teach a skill, sell a product or service, increase email list with joint ventures

Here is an example of a completed class set up page   Example 2   Example 3 

Speaker Class Proposal To Do Kit:

*See below or download here speaker-class-proposal-to-do-kit

*I have created a checklist to assist in the process speaker-class-proposal-to-do-kit-check-list

*Send completed kit to Jamie@CannaEssence.org

  1. Class Date & Time (Please note time zone) PICK YOUR TOP 3 DAYS and TIMES. Please Review Schedule as to not double book.
  2. Class Topic & Description up to 250 words. Less is MORE here. Under 100 looks best visually.
  3. Speaker or Presenter image 100 x 100 pixels per inch. If you send me a larger image it will make your face appear HUGE & your entire landing page will look odd.
  4. Speaker Bio up to 500 words. Less is MORE here they will have links to your site to find out more about you.
  5. Logo 80 x 150 pixels
  6. Is your class free or paid? How much? – See below for other requirements
    1. Suggest a free class where you give your best stuff away for free then make a killer no brainer pitch for your product or service.
  7. Choose the color of your webinar landing page – Blue, Green, Orange, Lavender, Pink. Note they each have a slight change in appearance. If you have no video just put your hand in front of the black box to get a visual. NOTE: I took a pic of the computer screen so these images are not pixelated in real life. 


8. Welcome Email & Video (Optional)

  1.  Welcome email & Video (Optional)  – Invite folks to your webinar and entice them with your thank you gift – your pre-offer – give them some value before your class, so when you make your program, service or package offer they will already love and trust you. If you do your job right this is where you sell your big ticket items. Service through sales.
    1. Can share from an uploaded youtube video it can be public or private link. Suggest a private link on youtube
    2. Video is optional.
  2. Here is an example:

9. Offer information (this is what you are offering as a product or service DURING THE WEBINAR) usually offered during the webinar. Not suggested, but this can also be the same thing offered in the thank you for registering page.

  1. Offer Name or attention grabbing offer name
  2. Offer Description
  3. Offer Image (optional)
  4. Enter button text
    1. Ie claim your gift today, save my spot etc
  5. Enter button URL (a link to your store for them to purchase your offer)
  6. A few examples are below



  1. Thank you page & video – This is usually a free download or video or DIY to get folks into you and your goods.
    1. Choose one format Blue, Green or Orange.  Green & Orange are for videos and blue is for a URL or website address forward. ie those who have no video. I will autoassign you one that best fits your material if you do not specify. 


  1. Thank you Button text – An attention grabbing text
    1. Claim Your Free Gift, start healing today, schedule your discovery session etc
  2. thank you video or video offer, meditation, exercise, etc
    1. a great way to get them to engage with your after the class
    2. Thank you video is a great way to get your audience into your free gift and get engaged with the prework for your class
  3. Thank You Download Link
    1. A google drive link works well – just use public url link
  1. Do you want your recording public?
    1. Youtube link
    2. Your Youtube Channel

 Upcoming 2017 Summit Schedule

The upcoming 2017 summits will run February 1st-March 31st (PEMS Heart Support), May 1st -June 11th (PEMS Consciousness & Sustainability), August 7th-Sept 31st (Masculinity & PEMS), October 19th – November 3oth (PEMS & the Divine Feminine)


Contact Jamie Lynn at Jamie@CannaEssence.org for any questions or concerns. 

Speaker Pre-Class Final Checklist

*Use this after your URL and landing page have been created and sent to you. All the details you need to prepare for your class.



Is there an expense to participate in the webinar? 

No, it is free to participate in the PEMS MasterMind Summit. If you have a Colorado brick and mortar, I may ask to record in person or host a unique wellness expo at your location if that is alignment with our b2b models. Why do I do it then? Well, I’m called to share PEMS health tools with the world, and that includes introducing myself and others to new PEMS tools and techniques for healing. I not only get to help you share your gifts with my tribe who desperately want more PEMS tools, but I get to learn and experience your work for myself. I also get introduced to your audience as an expert of the body mind/PEMS systems. I too get to build my list, seo status, enlighten the market, teach a skill, sell a product* (see below) and connect with amazing heart-centered people. For these reasons and more I have kept the PEMS MasterMind Summit FREE. Let us be the beacons of light for the PEMS and be the change we want to see in this world though our heart-centered businesses.

I will be selling a CD/DVR/Download of the entire 2017 winter summit. Each speaker will be given a link to the entire collection of the quarter’s summit as a PEMS gift to your learning and expanding process.

Will I have access to my virtual class pages & other data? 

You will have access to your landing pages, texts, videos, email lists and webinar launch once I receive your speaker kit. You will be given a presenter code and link.

Do I need any fancy web software? 

No is all you need an internet connection and a webcam or a smartphone. If your class is a tell summit class and is audio only, please let me know so we can advertise it properly. I am the behind the scene tech support person. I run the software, post your offers when you talk about them and share your slides if you have them to the webinar attendees/participants.

What type of class should I teach? 

Depending on how your class is formatted you can have a presentation style webinar or an interactive, experiential webinar. Please make sure to note the type of presentation you will be giving.

The class should speak about the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of a person with a way to solve a specific problem or set of problems.

Should I charge for my class? 

Most virtual summits are free. However, some with specialized information are paid, classes. Please let me know if you are teaching a free class or asking for a fee to watch and register for your class. Unique links and tax forms apply. I highly suggest doing free classes, then pitching a product or service through the offer promotion tool. This will guarantee happy clients who become long term friends.

What does my class topic have to be?

Any topic that supports the body-mind connection or reconnection using any of the PEMS or the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies. I suggest you choose your signature topic or speech. This would be the topic or topics that you are an expert on.

How will my class be advertised? 

Your class will be advertised as an event on Facebook through our https://www.facebook.com/PEMSumit/ page and any other affiliate pages who share your class. Other social media may share our class events i.e., Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and any other type of web or internet based marketing. All wording and logos that were given in the speaker affiliate kit will be used for advertising purposes. If you have a specific way you would like your post advertised, please include those emails and scheduled posts in your affiliate kit. I may choose to sponsor individual events to obtain more exposure and increase registration. I highly suggest every speaker share at least three classes that they are interested in attending. You can sponsor and boost any event you like. Please let me know what event and the target market you are boosting so I can support your marketing efforts. 

How can I advertise my class?

I highly suggest sharing my facebook event with all your “friends” who may be interested. Share the event in a group where large amounts of people view daily. I also suggest sharing in your newsletter with your list/tribe/following. Put it on your webpage and link to the registration page or your FB event listing.

How do I get my event on my facebook page? 

You can always add the event to your page. You must be on the event wall. On the upper right-hand corner, there are three dots. Click that button and choose “Add to page” option. This will add the event to your page and timeline. Great for connecting your page to the event you are doing.


How can I get more people to register for my class? 

To get more people to register for your class, I have a list of things to consider below. I highly suggest you do a combination of these marketing strategies to maximize your expose. Remember, the more people listening and engaging in your talk = more service through sales opportunities to grow your business and build your brand.

  • Share your event on Facebook from the PEMS mastermind Summit page https://www.facebook.com/PEMSumit/ 
    • Post inside the event by commenting and linking to your website
    • Share in groups that may benefit from your event
      • respond to a few posts that people are asking for help or expertise…link to your registration page
    • Share in networking FB groups
  • Invite all your friends, family, colleagues, clients that may benefit from your visionary talk
  • Share your event URL and landing page with your list using a Newsletter or blog post
  • Add the event to your Webpage with a link to register
  • Create another electronic/web based event page linking to your URL landing page

How will my class be broadcasted? 

If you are doing a live broadcast it will be broadcast through our webinar software to your clientele as well as stored on Youtube LIVE, Our PEMS youtube channel first then on your youtube channel if that was given in the speakers kit, affiliate websites, your website if you desire. We are trying to reach a large crowd and the classes are advertised in many virtual locations. The more registrants = more clients = more service through sales or vice versa. **Update: Later in 2017 we are working to broadcast LIVE to youtube, webinar attendees, Facebook LIVE, and Instagram Live

When do we get the data and statistics for the summit? 

The data will be rendered and compiled within two weeks after the summit. PLEASE REQUEST YOUR REPORT by emailing Jamie@CannaEssence.org .  You can evaluate and modify your talk, product/package or service according to the statistics and demographical data. An opportunity to learn, grow, modify and create something magnificent.

What if I’m interested in speaking at an upcoming PEMS summit? 

The PEMS mastermind summit happens every quarter. Each quarter we will be having some featured talks focusing on a variety of innovative PEMS concepts. You can apply to speak at the next summit by submitting your completed speaker kit via email. You can either do your signature talk or sign up to be a featured speaker focusing on our quarterly enlightenment talks as a KEYNOTE speaker or panel speaker.