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WELCOME TO THE PEMS Master Mind Summit Winter 2017 

Our virtual summit runs all over the world from February 1st – March 31st with some special classes on April 20th

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Jamie Lynn Thomas 

jamie-lynn-profile-300-x-300Jamie Lynn Thomas is an integrative health practitioner who specializes in complex chronic conditions. Her approach to health and vitality is to work with all aspects of a person or their PEMS, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, by utilizing her extensive degrees, certifications, advanced training, and clinical experience to tailor each session to meet the needs of her client.

“I empower people to take control of their health by decreasing pain in the PEMS (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies) by reconnecting to all these centers which will automatically increase their vitality. 

As a wounded healer, Jamie Lynn started her journey to vital health through a debilitating chronic illness that resulted in her taking 50 prescribed medications. Jamie was told she would be disabled for life; unable to walk without assistance or live a normal young woman’s life without medications or lingering complex problems. Now, 16 vitally healthy years later, her soulful journey to sustainable vitality has led her to share her healing message with others about PEMS reconnection using colors, energy vibrations and quantum healing techniques. Jamie Lynn believes that everyone can shift their pain through PEMS reconnection.

Jamie has served as faculty and administration at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism and the Academy of Natural Therapy.  Jamie Lynn is currently in the process of self-publishing four books for helping people reconnect to their PEMS through the Cannabis and Bach Flower Plant Spirits using vibrational imprints, color therapy, and sacred geometry. She presents workshops in VibroChromoTherapy, VibroChromoPictography, and Cannabis reeducation.

Jamie Lynn graduated from the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism with honors holding Clinical Certifications of  Herbalism, Nutrition and Bach Flower Essences. As well as the Metropolitan State College with Two Bachelor certifications: Integrative Therapeutics, Nutrition, and Biology. The Colorado School of Healing Arts with certifications & advanced training in Medical and Oncology Massage Therapy, Neuromuscular & Structural Massage Therapy, Craniosacral and Lymphatic Drainage Therapies, Healing Touch, Trauma Touch Therapy, Polarity. Flora Corona a Certification in Quantum Flower Essences and Color Therapy. Academy of Resonance Therapy with certifications in Quantum Mechanics.  As well as completing apprenticeships and mentoring in energetic modalities such as Reiki master, Peruvian & Earth-based medicines. Internships in: Teaching, Pre-Medicine, Gardening, Biofeedback, and Psychiatry.

Contact Information:

Call:  303-642-0376  OR  720-316-0196.

Check out my website at www. CannaEssence.org 

Email me at  Info@CannaEssence.org 

Amanda Stanley

memullein-2A passionate herbalist who teaches empowered health & healing with a focus on individualized care, Amanda has been studying & practicing holistic herbalism for over 12 years. Combining a broad spectrum of integrative practices, Amanda includes ayurveda, traditional herbal medicine, Reiki & yoga, to create a unique, tool-box of wellness allies for each person she works with. Amanda not only provides lifelong tools, but also the support & loving guidance needed to create a happier, healthier life ~ mind, body and spirit. Amanda is a Taurus sun sign, a lover of all things food, nature and comfort. When she’s not on her yoga mat, seeing clients or teaching, you’ll find her in the woods scouting for wild medicinals, in her own gardens harvesting herbs, at the local tea shop sipping on Kashmiri chai with her husband or binge watching Netflix at home with her cat. Amanda offers 1 on 1 Wellness Programs, Restorative Reiki packages & Herbal Medicine Making Courses throughout the year, online and in person around the NH Seacoast.

Check out her company Jupiters Labyrinth Here http://jupiterslabyrinth.com/

Or Email at: amanda@jupiterslabyrinth.com

Lisa Akers

lisa-akers-head-shot-100-x-100Once upon a time, I was excited to tell people that I am a rocket scientist.  After all, how cool is it to get to build spaceships for a living?  Well, it is cool, but it has a downside.  The long hours and extended travel (meaning a lousy diet), chemical exposure, and emotional and physical stress all combined to tip my immune system over the edge into an autoimmune crisis.
For the last two years, I’ve been going back to school to get my certificate as a master herbalist and aromatherapist, as well as post-graduate study in clinical nutrition, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, and insulin resistance.  And now, I’m working with a few select clients as a Women’s Autoimmune Specialist.
Using my well practiced problem solving and strategy skills, I walk with my clients on a path I’ve followed myself – from the depths of sickness to a new place of health, energy, and hope.  I work with women who have autoimmune disease – both those with a diagnosis, and those with a suspicion.
When I work with a client, we explore all the areas of their health, going deep to uncover patterns and connections that are often overlooked gems that lead to amazing healing.  Out of this exploration comes a customized strategy to guide their journey toward healing.  This strategy includes herbal remedies, supplements, dietary changes, lifestyle updates, and even energy healing.
One of the key benefits for my clients is my emphasis on healing not only the body, but also the mind and soul.  My clients never feel alone, confused, or like they’re just a number in a long line of patients.
Here’s a few of the results women can expect when they work with me:
• Reduction, and in many cases, total elimination of their ongoing pain
• Elimination of digestive troubles
• A sense of hope that their condition is both manageable and controllable – without the side effects of strong pharmaceuticals
• A partner on their healing journey who understands how it feels to live in a body that’s attacking itself – and who will walk with them to get back to the life they want to live.
• The energy to keep up with their busy families – and the strength to say ‘yes’ to their kids, to their partners, and to themselves.
In other words, I help women find hope for healing when nothing else works.  And, I help them leave behind the fear, anxiety, and struggle of autoimmune disease and embrace the hope and joy of vibrant health.
Follow my blog and events at www.dandelionthyme.com

Elaine Sheff  & Green Path Herb School TBA    Ten Healing Herbs to Grow in Your Garden + Recipes

elaine-sm-picThe author of several books on herbal medicine and healing, clinical herbalist Elaine Sheff has been passionate about sharing herbal knowledge for over 25 years. Her latest book is Naked: Botanical Recipes for Vibrant Skin and Healthy Hair. Elaine is the Co-Director of Green Path Herb School, located in Missoula, MT, where she strives to inspire and empower students and clients to remember their connection to the earth, the plants and their own healing process. She teaches both nationally and internationally at conferences and events. As a certified Instructor of the Natural Family Planning and Fertility Awareness Methods, Elaine has helped many couples to avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally. An artist and writer, Elaine has written numerous articles about her family’s journey with epilepsy and a special needs child. You can often find her bent over an herb in her garden or marveling at small flowers in mountain meadows with her husband and sons. You can find out more about Elaine and her life work at GreenPathHerbSchool.com.


Andrew M. Kurtenbach

_mg_2660CCH, CCN, CCFEP

Owner, White String Charms LC

703-389-9470 or andrewsholistics@gmail.com
Magick and healing have been a huge part of my life since a very young age.  My belief was strong and the efforts always delivered positive results.  In 2011, I traveled to Colorado and studied at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. On the first day of class, I sat next to my first spiritual mentor, who helped to expand my knowledge of healing and dowsing. I received my clinical certificates in herbalism, nutrition, and the Bach remedies from the school, and at the same time, earned my Reiki Master Teacher from a colleague.  I also inadvertently spent my months learning various Ways from two shaman.  Upon returning to Virginia in April 2013, I walked into a great role in the wellness department of a local organic grocer.  In September 2015, the universe brought my journey to India for three months where I studied chanting, healing, and Yogic spiritual life.  Many aspects of my journey to India influence my Work today, and my spiritual system.  Since returning, I have expanded my practice to full time.  I meet my clients where they are and work to nourish and support them to their highest self.  Each session is distinct, just as all my clients are.  I bring my clinical training in holistic wellness, energy healing and intuitive work, spiritual guidance and readings, and support coaching to a safe, grounded, and accessible space.  My clients leave empowered and capable of making the changes they desire with the tools they gained in our session.

Celeste O’Brian


Celeste O’Brien is the co- founder and owner of Symmetry360 Massage and Entrepreneurial Business Coach and mentor. Her company is now over 50 employees and one million dollars in sales, this and her story has lent her the experience to help guide aspiring entrepreneurs to their dreams. Her personal mission and purpose are to help uplift others to believing that they can do or be anything they dream of regardless of where they came from. You will find Celeste outdoors most the year around, her favorite room in the house; the patio and she claim if you are looking for her heart you’ll find it on a trail. She lives for family, friends, and adventure, and to her, that is a good life.






Leila Sun

leila-sun-headshot About Leila Sun & FAQ

Join intuitive healer, transformational coach and founder of Lyme Warriors Meetup in Boulder, for an inspiring and informative talk. We will be discussing the importance of addressing the whole body when healing Lyme and chronic health challenges. Get to the root cause of your disease. I had Lyme for most of my life and will share with your how I finally healed. I am clairsentient , claircognizant and a medium and will download specific information when called to give my clients deeper insight into their dis-ease. Expedite your healing with deep insights and personal understanding of how this disease works and how to reclaim your health. It is not all about killing the bacteria, it is about healing your emotional and spiritual wounds as well. Have fun, learn and expand your awareness during this 40-minute talk.

www.leilasun.com 303.834.9003

The Highly Sensitive Warrior Program Transform Lyme Program Intuitive Readings

Eric Bresselsmith

House of Aromatics (High Vibrational Essential Oil Distillation)

I began pursuing a holistic/sustainable lifestyle in 1988 at age 22 on a certified organic farm and meditation center. When I was 27, my wife became pregnant, and I was determined to care for all of my family’s health needs. I began poring over books on herbalism, homeopathy and nutrition. Throughout these years each time I encountered essential oils, I intuitively pulled back, knowing these little bottles contained potency that required knowledge before opening. Upon meeting an aromatherapist in 2004, I felt the assurance that the time had come for me to begin my journey with these “Genies in the Bottle”. After spending thousands of dollars on essential oils from around the world, I came back to the wisdom of herbalism’s second rule: “the medicine you need is always just a few steps away.” I knew being able to create essential oils myself would be beneficial on many levels. In 2008 I invested in a 50 gallon still not knowing a lick about distillation or chemistry. I’m not certified in anything, but I have taken a few aromatherapy courses. I do have loads of hands-on, practical experience. Passion for the wellness and health of my fellow human beings is one of my many drives.


Grier Gladden


My name is Grier Gladden. I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of Colorado. My philosophy about healing is that the body can heal itself when given the time, opportunity, acknowledgment, permission and safety to do so.

I have certifications in Trauma Touch Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, Oncology Massage, Lymph Drainage Massage, Cranio-sacral Therapy, and Reflexology. I teach beginning and advanced neuromuscular techniques. I’m a Practioner/ Instructor for VibroChrome Therapy. I currently am doing an Herbal Apprenticeship and training to become a Shamanic Practioner.

I love how the simplest thing can be the most powerful if we step out of our own way.





Andrea Lende
Andrea Lende is a Health and Wellness Coach, and the author of upcoming book, Three Weeks to Vitality and Wellness. She has extensive knowledge about autoimmune disorders and other chronic health issues, which our society is experiencing a dramatic increase in as a result of chemicals and toxins in our homes and our food. She designs and teaches adult education classes at local Public Libraries and Recreational Centers such as, What Toxins are Lurking in Your Home and offers Mommy and Me Toxin Free Seminars. She is passionate about educating the public about how to make safer, as well as affordable, choices that will best serve the health and wellness of their families. Andrea Lende is also one of the Founders of Momsmakeitbig.com where she provides business coaching to women throughout the country and Canada helping create financial freedom for themselves and their families.

Health & Wellness Coach

Love Your Life and Live Your Dreams!




Aaryn Wilka TBA 
aaryn-wilka-head-shotAaryn is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a medical background that includes Medical Massage, Healing Touch Practitioner in a hospital and clinical setting, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Radiologic Technology.  She entered the Massage Therapy field five years ago with a 700-hour Certificate and an Associates of Occupational Studies in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology.  Her career as an LMT, with a Myofascial and Medical focus, has included hospital and medical clinic settings, chiropractic and wellness centers, and cycling events.

Aaryn is also an Instructor of Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology at a nationally accredited, Massage Therapy School, located in the heart of Denver.
Aaryn’s bodywork focuses on returning balance to the structure and function of the body.  She incorporates and integrates traditional bodywork and Myofascial massage with the body’s energy fields, in an effort clear and balances the relationship between the energetic and physical body.  Her primary focus in bodywork and energetic therapy is injury recovery, pre- and post-operative care, and chronic disease processes–human and some experience with the feline.




Dawn Todd  – Wildly Successful Women TBA 

Patrice Lynn R.I.S.E to Success TBA

Vickie Latham TBA

Barbara Salage  TBA 

Jeremy Falconberg TBA

Lora Bradshaw-Costa TBA